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Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices are essential to us throughout the value chain, from sourcing raw materials to the environmental and societal impact of our products, as well as the well-being of our employees. Sustainable development is part of our strategy and daily operations.

We make continuous efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and improve our resource efficiency. 

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We provide our employees with an environment that inspires them to achieve the best results, where all employees are valued and welcomed.

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We are committed to promoting sustainable and responsible consumer communications and a culture of responsible, moderate drinking.

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We want to engage in impactful cooperation and create value together with our stakeholders. 

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Honest and fair ways of working are an integral part of our values and business operations in all our market areas.

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Corporate responsibility in Olvi Group

Responsibility is one of the key values across all Olvi Group companies. We strive to reduce the environmental footprint of our products and operations. Caring for the environment, employees, and society is ingrained in the culture of all Olvi Group companies.

We are committed to promoting the United Nations’ global sustainable development agenda through our sustainability program. The agenda’s goals for 2030 focus on improving the economic, social, and environmental situation.

During 2022–2023, we are participating in the UN Global Compact’s SDG Ambition Accelerator. In it, we focus on specifying the focus areas of our sustainable development goals.

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