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Ethical operating practices

We respect and adhere to ethical operating practices within the company, which we pay attention to in all our areas of operation and partnership relationships.


We aim to develop an honest and trustworthy reputation of A. Le Coq. For us, good relationships and transparency with all stakeholders we encounter are important. The company adheres to laws and regulations related to its operations but does not engage in politics. We promote fair and effective competition and adhere to applicable competition regulations.

Human Rights

In our business operations, we consider the occupational health and safety of our employees and treat employees and partners equally and respectfully. We respect international human rights and abide by them.

Code of conduct

The foundation of our sustainable activities is the employee Code of Conduct. Our goal for 2024 is to ensure that 100% of our new employees have completed the training.

We expect adherence to ethical principles from our partners as well. For this purpose, we establish a code of conduct with our suppliers and partners.

Take a closer look at the Code of Conduct.