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    About Us

    Values of A. Le Coq





    Ambition of A. Le Coq

    Ensuring strong competence and development

    1 million moments of enjoyment, every day

    Supporting the well-being of the planet

    Profitable growth

    The cornerstones of our strategy

    Profitable core business

    • Increasing the sales value of our strong core business
    • Efficient use of assets
    • The continuous improvement of operational efficiency

    Extensive range of products and a multi-channel approach

    • Strengthening our market position in growing product categories
    • Development of the multichannel approach

    International brands and partnerships

    • Growing exports in a targeted manner
    • Increasing the number of international brands in the product portfolio
    • Strengthening partnerships


    • Investing in the wellbeing of our staff and their commitment
    • Development of critical skills
    • Supporting the community


    • Competitive advantages from sustainable ways of working and sustainable products
    • Supporting the green transition
    • Investments in sustainable energy and water solutions


    • Efficient utilization of data in operational development and decision-making
    • Systems that support competitiveness

    Innovative Spirit

    Throughout its long history, innovation has been a driving force behind A. Le Coq’s development. Various historical events have influenced the business environment, but the education and ability of its leaders and owners to see new opportunities in technological advancements have kept the company at the forefront of its industry.

    Historical records indicate that the factory complex built on the new Tähtvere Hill started producing electricity using steam power as early as the late 19th century. Interestingly, the brewery’s office had electric lighting before the lecture halls of the University of Tartu. The factory also had Tartu’s first telephone line (number 1884).

    The foundation of A. Le Coq’s wide product range was laid in 1899 when the company became the first in Estonia to industrially produce soft drinks. Until then, this had been the domain of pharmacists, small shop owners, and family businesses.

    When it comes to product innovation, the octagonal bottle design of A. Le Coq is well known. However, less known is the fact that the company itself developed and protected this bottle design as one of Estonia’s first food industry trademarks.

    The nationalization of the factory and the transition of the entire food industry to the norms of the Soviet Union’s republic-level system halted development for decades. However, the resourcefulness of the employees became crucial for the factory’s progress. In recognition of their innovative solutions and open communication, the Tartu Brewery was granted the status of an experimental brewery in 1973. This provided the opportunity for the factory to develop and introduce its own beer and soft drink varieties and to pioneer and implement new technologies. Essentially, the factory became a physical testing ground bridging Western technology with the possibilities of the Soviet era.

    A new and innovative era began with new owners in 1998 when the most modern brewery in the Baltic States was established. However, little has been discussed about the broader sense of innovation behind the company’s present success. This included the implementation of state-of-the-art technology, a novel teamwork management style, a focus on marketing and product development, and other forward-thinking business development solutions. Such activities were widely recognized, with the company receiving the highest recognition in the field of marketing (Marketing Achievement of the Year, 1999) and logistical integration (Logistics Achievement of the Year, 2017).

    A. Le Coq is an innovative food industry company that incorporates high-tech solutions in its operations and continuously develops its production to be more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient. The company has also obtained support from structural funds for several major projects. The commitment made in 2020 to future generations – to make the world a cleaner place to live – is the path the company intends to follow and encourages others to join. The integration of environmentally sustainable solutions, such as their biogas plant and smart water treatment system, not only helps preserve the planet but also ensures long-term business sustainability.

    In 2019, a project called “Installation of Gas Boiler Condensation Economizer System” was implemented through cooperation with the Structural Funds. This project provided a solution to two problems: significantly reducing natural gas consumption compared to the previous system and minimizing the environmental impact of the company’s energy production. The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, with funding coordination by the Environmental Investment Centre (KIK). The total cost of the project was 185,650 euros, with EU co-financing amounting to 83,542.50 euros.

    In 2022, another project was carried out called “Wastewater System in the Brewery for Waste Reduction and Biogas Production.” This project involved the development of an energy production system from production waste. As part of the project, an industrial wastewater treatment system was established at A. Le Coq’s Tähtvere factory, which included buffer tanks and anaerobic digestion. This innovative wastewater system further enhanced the resource efficiency and environmental sustainability of the factory’s production. The goal was to replace approximately 184,930 cubic meters of natural gas with locally produced biogas per year and reduce the portion of production waste directed to wastewater by up to 80%. The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, with funding coordination by the Environmental Investment Centre (KIK). The planned cost of the project was 2,743,712 euros, with EU co-financing amounting to 1,135,264.50 euros.

    Olvi Group

    A. Le Coq Ltd belongs to Olvi Group. Other members of Olvi Group inlcude the holding company in Finland (Olvi Oyj) and breweries in Latvia (Cesu Alus), Lithuania (Volfas Engelman) and Belarus (Lidskae Piva). In addition, the Olvi Group includes an international importer of wines and beers (Servaali), a craft gin and whiskey factory (The Helsinki Distilling Company) and a mineral water producer (Uniqa). All companies that belong to Olvi Group share the same mission and vision. Although these companies operate in different countries, their business strategy and values are similar.


    Olvi Ojy, situated in Finland is the holding company of Olvi Group. The production facilities and headquarters are located in Iisalmi, in addition there is an office in Helsinki.

    Olvi Oyj, the holding company


    • Founded in 1878
    • The only brewery in Finland that has been independent since the 19th century
    • Product groups: beer, cider, other alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, sports drinks, soft drinks, juices and water

    A. Le Coq Ltd


    • Founded in 1807
    • Product groups: beer, cider, other alcoholic beverages, strong alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, soft drinks, syrup, kvass, juices and water

    Cēsu Alus (Latvia)


    • Founded in 1590
    • Product groups: beer, cider, other alcoholic beverages, strong alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, soft drinks, kvass, juices and water

    Volfas Engelman (Lithuania)


    • Founded in 1853
    • Product groups: beer, cider, other alcoholic beverages, strong alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, soft drinks, kvass, juices and water

    Lidskae Piva (Belarus)


    • Founded in 1876
    • Product groups: beer, cider, other alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, soft drinks, kvass, juices, syrup and water

    Servaali Oy


    • Founded in 1995
    • Product groups: beer, cider, other alcoholic beverages, strong alcoholic drinks and wine

    The Helsinki Distilling Company


    • Founded in 2014
    • Product groups: other alcoholic beverages and strong alcoholic drinks

    Bryggeriet Vestfyen


    • Founded in 1885
    • Product groups: beer, cider, soft drinks, water


    • Founded in 2016
    • Product groups: mineral water