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    The Story of Aura Juice

    Aura juice is inherently full of joy. Since 2000, Estonia’s most beloved juice brand has been serving a variety of juicy moments and pure juice enjoyment to both young and old. Our goal is to offer the best juice experiences. Of course, the best can only be achieved by focusing on important values: a pure and high-quality product, and respect for the surrounding environment.

    Although the Aura brand includes drinks made from ripe fruits – from 100% juice and smoothies to pure Aura water bottled from the depths of Southern Estonian soil – our story began with juice. The foundation of the Aura brand is juice – 100% goodness that nature has to offer. Our dedicated team carefully monitors the entire juice production process, from selecting the raw materials to packaging and offering the beverages to consumers. Juice has a long supply chain, as exotic fruits grow far from our location – our goal is to use smart solutions to reduce our ecological footprint.

    Year after year, the Aura brand’s product range has expanded, become more diverse, and more functional. The aim of product development is to combine pure ingredients grown in nature with science-based added value to create new healthy products.

    Juice is the cornerstone of the Aura brand, but it proudly carries many other meaningful drinks under its name. The Aura brand includes 100% juices, smoothies, nectars, juice drinks, Dr Active’s vitamin-enriched juice drinks, pure waters, flavored waters, near waters, value-added waters, functional waters, juice syrups, and juice concentrates.

    Aura – pure juice joy!

    How juice is made

    When it comes to Aura juice, we can confidently say that it is 100% goodness that nature has to offer us. Juice is a natural source of vitamins, similar to fresh fruits and berries, containing B-group vitamins, vitamin A or beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin P, and vitamin E. In addition, pure juices contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, iron, phosphorus, and many other essential minerals vital for our bodies.

    100% juice should not contain preservatives. So how is it possible that we can offer different Aura juices from fresh fruits that do not grow in our latitudes? The fruits are processed into juice concentrate in their place of growth, which does not contain artificial additives, and most of the water is removed through evaporation during the process. Thanks to this, we can transport delightful juice enjoyment from distant lands, and on-site at the factory, we only add as much water as was extracted from the juice during the concentration process.

    By the way, did you know that adding preservatives to 100% juice is actually prohibited by law?

    Sometimes there’s a myth that sugar is added to 100% juice to make it sweeter. We can confidently debunk this claim: Aura 100% juice gets all its sweetness from the naturally occurring fructose and glucose found in the fruits. The more sunlight the fruits have received, the riper and sweeter they are. That’s why our 100% juice is made only from fully ripe fruits, and it’s completely understandable why drinking such juice creates a sunny feeling.

    There are two types of juice: juice made from concentrate and freshly squeezed juice.

    Juice concentrate is usually prepared in the country where the fruit was grown. For example, orange juice is made from the finest oranges grown in distant Brazil, tomato juice is made from ripe tomatoes from Portugal, and apple juice from sweet apples from Poland and Hungary. To facilitate export, the raw juice is concentrated, which means that water is removed from it. This significantly reduces the logistical footprint while ensuring the quality of the raw material. In the juice factory, the juice is reconstituted by adding exactly the same amount of water that was previously removed. The process involves heating the juice for a few seconds at 96 degrees Celsius to guarantee extreme purity and sterility. This ensures that microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and mold cannot enter the juice and affect its quality and shelf life. The juice is then rapidly cooled to preserve its original flavor characteristics. The juice is bottled in an aseptic environment, which includes controlling sterile air, humidity, and temperature to prevent contact with microorganisms. This bottling technology also prevents the juice from coming into contact with light and outside air. The packages are sealed in an aseptic environment to ensure complete cleanliness.

    Aura Smoothies

    In addition to juices, Aura’s juice family also includes high-fruit-content smoothies made only from perfectly ripe fruits, without added sugar.

    Smoothies provide a quick and convenient way to get essential nutrients. They are perfect for breakfast, as a snack, or for recovery after exercise.

    Aura Super Smoothies have a fruit content of 98-100%. These super smoothies combine juicy fruits with healthy vegetables and also contain beneficial B-group vitamins. What makes our super smoothies special is the addition of oats, which provide a delicious snack packed with fiber.

    The silky texture and sunny fruit flavors of Aura smoothies delight the taste buds and provide a refreshing boost on busy days with their powerful composition.

    Difference between Juice, Nectar and Juice Drink

    The selection of juice products on store shelves is wide, but not all of them are 100% juices, and this is due to drinkability and consumption. For example, pure cranberry juice is not drinkable without dilution, so it is usually offered as a diluted beverage with a juice content of 10-12%. On the other hand, when it comes to oranges, Aura offers both 100% orange juice and orange nectar with a 50% juice content, and each has its own consumers. While 100% juice is more of a food than a beverage, nectars and juice drinks are primarily beverages that are suitable for both supporting a meal and quenching thirst.


    100% juice is made solely from fruits, vegetables, or berries, and it must not contain added sugar (except for sea buckthorn and lemon juice), preservatives, or other additives. Therefore, consumers can be sure that it is as pure a product as the fruit itself. When the package says “100% juice,” no substances enhancing its taste or shelf life have been used in the juice-making process. Aura juices are made according to the highest quality standards, and the origin of the raw materials used and the entire manufacturing process are carefully controlled.


    Nectar differs from juice in having a lower juice content, typically ranging from 25% to 99% (often up to 50%) depending on the fruit’s acidity, along with juice and/or puree. Not all fruits can produce ready-to-drink juice due to their acidity, so the juice pressed from such fruits is sold in a diluted form as nectar. Nectar may contain added sugars, sweeteners, and honey for sweetness, but it must not contain preservatives. Aura’s tempting nectars feature a variety of exotic fruits and appealing flavors.

    Juice Drink:

    Juice drinks contain an average of 10-25% juice, but it can be more or less. Juice drinks may contain additives such as sugar, sweeteners, food colorings, and flavorings. The purpose of making juice drinks is to offer a juice product with a taste profile similar to juice but at a more affordable price point or with a pleasant balance of acidity and sweetness for the consumer. Aura’s range of juice drinks includes a wide selection of enjoyable thirst quenchers. Some come in convenient small packs that are easy to take anywhere, while others are packaged in one-liter or even two-liter family-sized containers. There’s something for everyone!


    A smoothie is a beverage made from fresh or concentrated pureed fruits and vegetables. Its flavor richness is loved by both children and adults. Aura’s flavorful smoothies contain only perfectly ripe fruits and do not contain added sugar or preservatives. Check out the selection here. They provide a delightful refreshment for both young and old.