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The industrial school scholarships of A. Le Coq were awarded this year to students Joonas Laadung and Matis Paat, as well as teacher Rando Koks

19. January 2023

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A. Le Coq, with the support of the Olvi Foundation, awards scholarships worth 5000 euros each year to the two best students in the field of mechatronics at Tartu Vocational Education College (VOCO), as well as to the best technical subject teacher. In addition, A. Le Coq conducts a full practical module of study at its factory.

The aim of this consistent activity is to popularize and develop technical vocational education, which helps ensure the growth of qualified and competitive workforce in the industrial sector. This year, Joonas Laadung and Matis Paat received 1000-euro student scholarships from the Olvi Foundation’s A. Le Coq. The 3000-euro teacher scholarship went to Rando Koks, a vocational teacher in the field of mechatronics.

According to Jevgeni Kuznetsov, the head automation engineer of A. Le Coq and the leader of the module taught at the factory, both student scholarship recipients stood out for their activity, eagerness to learn, and willingness to work. “Joonas and Matis distinguished themselves both in school and at the workplace, being helpful, independent, and solution-oriented,” said Kuznetsov.

Currently, Joonas and Matis are studying mechatronics at VOCO, in the final year of their course, which includes a four-month factory internship. The received scholarship allows them to further enhance their expertise in their field. Joonas plans to acquire necessary equipment and components to develop his interest in the field of electronics. Matis, on the other hand, is saving money to buy a 3D printer to support his studies and satisfy his thirst for knowledge in the field of modeling.

This year’s Olvi Foundation’s teacher scholarship was awarded to Rando Koks, who has been teaching mechatronics at VOCO since 2014. The Olvi Foundation’s teacher scholarship amounts to 3000 euros, divided equally between financial support and a self-development award. The recipient of the scholarship will have the opportunity to attend a fair or go on a study trip to the Olvi beverage factory in Finland.

The factory in Finland is one of the most modern beverage factories in Europe and will certainly provide a new perspective on industrial technology. “Rando is characterized by dedication to his work, activity, and a constant desire to develop himself and learn new things. We hope that the scholarship will help bridge the gap between theory and practice, and that students will gain maximum knowledge during their vocational education,” said Kuznetsov.

The broader goal of A. Le Coq’s scholarship program is to promote and develop technical vocational education in Estonia. Well-prepared and broad-minded technical specialists are needed in almost every area of life. A. Le Coq aims to demonstrate applied technical solutions used in modern companies to both technical teachers and students, and to be a practical partner for VOCO, ensuring that what is taught closely reflects real-life situations in the industry. Collaborating with vocational school teachers and students is exciting and also beneficial for A. Le Coq’s employees.

The Olvi Foundation and A. Le Coq have been awarding scholarships in the field of technology for over a decade. During this time, a total of 28 students have received scholarships. The foundation has been awarding teacher scholarships for the fourth year.

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