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Sustainable product concepts

Our product development focuses on sustainable product concepts. Our goal is that by 2030, all our products meet the sustainability criteria that we will update in 2024 to consider any legislative changes.

Our definition of a sustainable product includes a wide range of criteria for the product, its materials and material suppliers. The criteria also takes into account a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility, such as climate emissions and biodiversity. In addition, the criteria covers the circular economy in raw materials and packaging. For social responsibility, the criteria focus on ensuring working conditions and human rights as well as supporting consumers’ health, such as non-alcoholic options, the content composition and consumer information.

In product development:

  • we are constantly increasing the share of alcohol-free products in the alcohol categories.
  • we are constantly increasing the share of alcohol-free products in the whole product range.
  • we are constantly paying attention to reducing the amount of added sugar in our products. The aim is to reduce the share of added sugar in our product range by 15% between 2015-2025.
  • we have undertaken to constantly develop products with healthy additional value and different functions (vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.).
  • the development of each new product is based on the principle of making it healthier: less alcohol, smaller quantities and less additives.
  • we do not use azo dyes in our products.
  • we have joined beer producers’ self-regulation, according to which we do not produce beer or long drinks that exceed 7 vol% or cider that exceeds 5.5 vol%.