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Silver Vahtre’s exhibition “Emajõgi Ateen” opened at the Beer World

11. March 2024

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On 5 March, a new exhibition was opened in the art tunnel of the A. Le Coq Beer Museum. Until June, art lovers can visit Silver Vahtre’s exhibition “Emajõgi Ateen”.

The exhibition features a selection of images from Vahtre’s graphic series “Tartu Collages”, which was completed between 2019 and 2020. According to the artist, the images are views of the city in which he has tried to describe the stories the city could tell if you look around curiously and listen carefully.

Vahtre describes the inspiration for the “Tartu Collages” series as follows: “Often city and country are contrasted, highlighting the artificial nature of one and the natural nature of the other. However, the city can also be seen as a forest or a sea – in a city, it is simply the people who live there who are the main force of nature, whose thoughts and actions are often as unpredictable as the weather, which we try to anticipate but which manages to surprise us again and again.”

In addition, two works from Vahtre’s series “Tartu Postkaardid” (2016-2020), featuring an ancient townsman named Beer, will be on display at the Beer Museum.

“We are delighted that Silver Vahtre’s imaginative vision of Tartu has found its way to the Beer Museum, especially now that Tartu is the European Capital of Culture. As Silver Vahtre’s work ‘Midsummer Day’ is inspired by A. Le Coq’s products, we had the idea for some time that the exhibition would be a perfect fit for us,” says Annika Teder, Programme Manager of the A. Le Coq Beer Museum. This is the third art exhibition at the Beer Museum, and the exhibitions rotate every three months.

Silver Vahtre (b. 1953) is an Estonian stage and film artist, graphic artist and designer. He has created numerous stage designs for Estonian theatres, designed films and illustrated books. He has also exhibited theatre posters and graphics in solo exhibitions.

The exhibition is open until 1 June Tue-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-17. The art exhibition is free of charge.

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