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A. Le Coq’s beers won two first places at the Best Estonian Beverage competition

22. November 2022

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At the ‘Best Estonian Beverage 2022’ competition held over the weekend, A. Le Coq’s beers won first place in two categories.

The title of Best Alcohol-Free Beer was proudly awarded to Beer Mail’s alcohol-free IPA, which is part of a special beer series. Judges highlighted the beer’s light citrus and fruity flavor nuances and its unique composition. The IPA is brewed using special hops, including Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo, and Citra, which bring out all the characteristic flavors of an IPA in this alcohol-free beer.

In the category of Best Pilsner and Pale Lager, our Alexander Bohemian claimed the first-place position. Brewed with Bohemian hops, this beer earned A. Le Coq a gold medal in this category due to decades of experience and expertise in brewing quality lagers. The new Alexander stands out with its deep golden color and carefully selected hop tones in both taste and aroma.

The competition ‘Best Estonian Beverage 2022’ organized by the Estonian Sommelier Association featured 156 different beverages from 44 companies. The drinks were tasted in blind tastings by recognized Estonian sommeliers, bartenders, journalists, and other industry experts. Each beverage was evaluated independently, according to its respective style and product type. A total of 26 different categories were assessed, and winners were recognized with a gold diploma and medal. Silver diplomas and medals were awarded to those beverages that achieved very good results but did not win.As 2023 is the year of sauna in Estonia, the initiative by Eesti Maaturism selected the most suitable beverages for enjoying in saunas or alongside sauna sessions as part of the competition for the Best Estonian Beverage. A. Le Coq’s alcohol-free IPA, part of the Beer Mail series, was chosen as the best beer for the Sauna Year 2023.

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