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A. Le Coq was recognized for supporting the defenders of the state

21. June 2023

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The Ministry of Defence recognized for the first time 50 Estonian companies and organizations that make an outstanding contribution to national defence, maintain the income of reservists during exercises, and provide other benefits to defence forces personnel. A. Le Coq was also honored as a supporter of defenders of the state.

A. Le Coq’s most significant contribution was recognized as maintaining the salaries of reservists during their training exercises. Since 2015, 39 employees of A. Le Coq have participated in reserve gatherings, and compensation has been provided for a total of 365 days. In addition, A. Le Coq has supported Estonian defence forces personnel on missions with its products and previously contributed to the training program for master’s officers at the Estonian Defence Forces Combined Arms Academy.

As an employer, A. Le Coq highly values the knowledge, discipline, and teamwork skills acquired by individuals during their service in the Estonian Defence Forces. Therefore, the company gives preference to those who have served in the defence forces when recruiting candidates with equal qualifications. According to the law, employers are required to allow their employees who are reservists to attend training gatherings, but the decision to maintain their income during that time is left to the discretion of companies and organizations. A. Le Coq has chosen to contribute to the support of national defence capabilities by equating participation in exercises with regular work in the company. Nearly 200 companies and organizations applied for the recognition of being a supporter of defenders of the state, from which a jury selected the top 50 most outstanding ones.

A. Le Coq is extremely proud to receive the recognition as a supporter of national defence.

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