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A. Le Coq 64th Muhu Väina Regatta – Sailing for a Cleaner Baltic Sea

24. May 2021

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The Muhu Väina Regatta and Estonian beverage producer A. Le Coq are joining forces this sailing season to promote a more sustainable mindset among sailors sailing in the Baltic Sea. While A. Le Coq has been supporting the Muhu Väina Regatta for years, the collaboration took on greater significance in spring 2014 when Estonia’s oldest sailing regatta was named the A. Le Coq Muhu Väina Regatta.

The recently extended three-year partnership agreement showcases the company’s sustainable and purposeful contribution to Estonian sports and culture. Now, in collaboration with the regatta organizers, efforts will also be made to support initiatives for a cleaner Baltic Sea.

“The A. Le Coq Muhu Väina Regatta is the largest and oldest sailing regatta in Estonia, bringing together the best sailors from Estonia, neighboring countries, and sailing enthusiasts who enjoy visiting Estonian ports alongside the regatta festivities. In addition to organizing a high-level sailing competition, our goal is to promote the development of Estonian maritime culture, which includes environmental awareness both at sea and in harbors,” explains regatta director Agnes Lill, highlighting the green shift for this year’s regatta.

“This year, the A. Le Coq 64th Muhu Väina Regatta flags in the harbours of Pärnu, Ruhnu, Kõiguste, and Kärdla will wave in blue and green tones. Through our activities, we involve sailors in sorting waste and depositing bottles, discourage the disposal of cigarette butts into the sea, encourage collecting of the marine litter, and promote reuse,” confirms Lauri Kurvits, the commodore of Kalev Yacht Club, who signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the organizers.

Respecting and preserving the sea is inherent to every sailor, as the sea becomes their second home. This year the sailors are also welcomed on the Ruhnu island where the same courtesy agreement has been reached that sailors will not leave any waste behind. We hope to set an example so that maritime travelers will not burden small Estonian islands with waste in the future.

Regarding extending the partnership agreement, Rando Mõrd, Sales Director of A. Le Coq, said, “Sailing may seem like a large-scale activity involving machinery, but in reality, it encompasses the power of the wind and the wisdom of the sailor, making it an inherently green endeavor. It is inspiring to see how the unified community of sailors aims to be a role model not only in high-level sports but also in environmentally conscious choices that define their lifestyle. As a supporter, A. Le Coq takes pride in the regatta organizers’ environmentally conscious leadership, as we see it as a great opportunity to convey green messages to a wider audience in a practical manner.”

Pärnu, Ruhnu, Kõiguste, and Kärdla marinas await the sailors of the Muhu Väina Regatta from July 10th to 17th. The regatta’s course is designed in a way that allows for a two-night stay in each marina, with a local racing day held on the second day. This provides a rhythm to the competition, with longer offshore legs alternating with shorter distances, and a shorter race format in Pärnu. Nearly forty teams will participate in the A. Le Coq 64th Muhu Väina Regatta, providing an opportunity for sail trimming and serving as an important dress rehearsal for the Alexela ORC Offshore World Championship taking place in Tallinn in August.

The A. Le Coq 64th Muhu Väina Regatta is organized by Kalev Yacht Club and Pärnu Yacht Club in collaboration with the Estonian Yachting Union. The regatta’s sponsors include A. Le Coq, Sportland/Helly Hansen, Amserv, Pro Marine Trade, Tactical Foodpack, Santa Maria, Alter Marine, Alexela, DSV, Volvo Trucks Estonia, Rahva Raamat, the city of Pärnu, and Hiiumaa Harbors.

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