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The Estonia’s largest beverage producer and the largest sports sector entered its third decade of collaboration

27. February 2023

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A. Le Coq and the Estonian Football Association have collaborated over the years in the development of infrastructure, recreational and youth football, and the overall football culture. Therefore, since 2002, the Estonian national stadium has been named A. Le Coq Arena, and since 2013, the top men’s league has been named the Premium League.

At the opening of the Estonian football season on February 26th, it was announced that the collaboration is entering its third decade: the agreement between A. Le Coq Arena and the national teams will last for ten years, and the collaboration with the Premium League will be extended by five years.

“We started the journey of the Premium League ten years ago with the aim of supporting the development, excellence, and clubs of the league. We have done that and are happy to continue supporting because the investments made in the league, such as the community leaders project, improved live broadcasts, and the introduction of video referees, continue to inspire us to contribute,” said Katrin Vernik, Marketing Director of A. Le Coq.

“A. Le Coq Arena has been associated with the national teams for over two decades, during which it has hosted top football and music events and has become a modern center of competence,” Vernik added.

Anne Rei, the Secretary-General of the Football Association, emphasized the value and importance of long-term cooperation. “A. Le Coq’s contribution to the development of Estonian football culture has been very significant: A. Le Coq Arena is the heart of Estonian football, encompassing international and local top-level football, recreational football, and fan culture. The Premium League, on the other hand, represents the pinnacle of men’s football pyramid in Estonia and serves as an outlet to the international arena, as well as an outlet for local talents, constituting over 70% of Estonia’s professional sports landscape,” Rei stated.

“Such long-term cooperation is mutually inspiring. As you may know, A. Le Coq introduced its environmental program two years ago, which has inspired us in the development of sustainability in football. We are sincerely grateful to A. Le Coq for their support and inspiration,” emphasized Rei.

A. Le Coq is the oldest and largest beverage producer in Estonia and one of the most modern beverage industries in the Baltic countries. The company offers a range of 14 different product groups, including beer, juice, water, soft drinks, ciders, sports and energy drinks, syrups, and kvass. A. Le Coq is committed to preserving and developing Estonian drinking culture, honoring old traditions while constantly updating its product portfolio to offer new and healthy flavor combinations. The Ministry of Culture and the Estonian Olympic Committee recognized the company for its long-term support in the sports sector with the “Sports Supporter of the Year” award in 2022.

According to a public opinion survey by the research firm Kantar, football is the most followed sport in Estonia. The Premium League matches have been attended 43,944 times in 11 cities over a period of 10 years. During a single season, the Premium League live broadcasts are watched by over 400,000 unique viewers. According to the Sports Registry data, nearly 23,000 people play football in Estonia. The football.ee website had over 800,000 unique users in the past year.

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