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Responsible Consumption

As Estonia’s leading beverage manufacturer, A. Le Coq champions the informed and responsible consumption of alcohol. In accordance with the code of ethics of Estonian brewers and our company’s values, we take a responsible approach in our everyday operations and marketing communication – we truly believe that sensible consumption of alcohol prevents damage, loss and suffering in society caused by excessive drinking. We expect and demand the same from our partners.

What is responsible consumption?

The National Institute for Health Development has established risk thresholds for the consumption of alcohol: a maximum of four units per day for men and two units per day for women. One unit is equal to 10 g of pure alcohol. The number of units of alcohol in a beverage depends on the strength of the alcohol and the size of the glass or bottle. For example, 0.5 litres of light beer contains around two units of alcohol. Both men and women should observe at least three alcohol-free days each week.

Source: Alkoinfo.ee


A. Le Coq’s statutes for the promotion of responsible alcohol culture

  • We are against the misuse of alcohol and the damage, loss and suffering arising from it.
  • We promote moderation in the consumption of alcohol.
  • We condemn the selling of alcoholic beverages to, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages by, minors.
  • We support age checks in stores so as to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors.
  • We condemn drink-driving and the involvement of those who have consumed alcohol in water sports, including swimming.
  • We defend the rights of the next generation: pregnancy and alcohol do not go together.
  • Through a variety of cooperation projects we contribute to the sports and recreational activities of young people so as to support active and enjoyable childhoods.
  • In our product development we place emphasis on alcohol-free products so as to provide consumers with choices and alternatives.
  • We are an open and cooperative company which contributes to promoting better lives for people in Estonia at the local, regional and national levels.

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