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Responsible consumption

We work closely with several national and international beverage associations to promote responsible product development and responsible consumption.

We guide consumers to enjoy alcohol and other products in moderation, while also considering those who prefer to abstain from alcohol. In line with our strategy, we are constantly increasing the number of non-alcoholic products.

As an alcohol producer, we take responsibility towards society by supporting initiatives that emphasize zero tolerance for alcohol consumption among minors, while driving, or during pregnancy. In our marketing activities and product labeling, we highlight the inappropriateness of consuming alcoholic beverages in these circumstances.

Since 2016, we have supported the Sober Group Leader campaign. The Sober Group Leader acts as a sober driver for their friends during St. John’s Day celebrations. Ensuring that nobody gets behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Through this partnership, we aim to raise broader awareness that alcohol consumption and driving do not go together.