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Resource use and circular economy

We want to operate in line with the principles of the circular economy. Meaning that we reduce the use of materials, and reuse and recycle them. By doing this, we operate within nature’s carrying capacity, keeping materials and products in circulation for as long as possible.

All our packaging is recyclable or refillable. We have joined Eesti Pandipakend and ETO (Eesti Taaskasutusorganisatsioon) to ensure that our plastic, aluminum, glass, and cardboard packaging is directed back into circulation. We engage in a circular economy with agricultural and energy companies, where beer residues and yeast are recycled. The beer residues produced during the brewing process are repurposed as animal feed, while the yeast is used for biogas production.

We optimize the use of packaging material and reduce the volume of plastic by shifting to the use of lighter bottles and plastic films whenever possible. For example, using a shortnecked plastic bottle, saves more than 500,000 kg of plastic per year at Group level. We are also gradually shifting to the use of recycled or bio-based shrink wrap.