Pear-mango-spinach Supersmuuti with barley grass and ginger

Fruit content 96%

Made from ripe fruit, this pear-mango-spinach smoothie drink is enriched with ginger and barley grass juice, offering a rich fibre content and a boost of B group vitamins. The sweet and juicy duet of pear and mango is elevated with the inclusion of genuine superfoods: healthy spinach, vibrant ginger and barley grass juice full of useful nutrients. The delicious smoothie drink contains no added preservatives or sugar and is 100% vegan. A great choice for a nourishing breakfast or a refreshing snack!

Aura – if you care about quality.


0,33 l tetra
  • apple juice from concentrated juice (29%), pear puree (22%), pear juice from concentrated juice (15%), mango puree (14%), banana puree (8%), spinach juice from concentrated juice (4%), barley grass juice from extract (3%), corn fiber (1.6%), ginger juice (0.7%), water, lemon juice concentrate, vitamins (pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, biotin, vitamin B12).





  • Energy201 kJ / 47 kcal
    Fats0 g
    Saturated fatty acids0 g
    Carbohydrates11.6 g
    Sugar9 g
    Proteins0.3 g
    Fiber1.5 g
    Salt0.02 g
  • Vitamin B60,21 mg
    Vitamin B120,38 μg
    Biotin7.5 μg
    Pantothenic acid0.90 mg