Orange & Mango Morsikas

Juice content 50%

With its high content of orange and mango juice, the exotic, shimmering gold, sun-packed Morsikas is a true herald of summer. The juiciness of the orange and the sweetness of the mango add up to an excellent thirst quencher on a hot summer day. You can use the orange and mango juice concentrate to make a juice drink just right for your taste.

Orange & Mango Morsikas contains 50% juice and is recommended to be diluted 1 to 7, which means that one pack is enough for as much as 8 litres of juice drink.

No preservatives or artificial additives have been added to the product.

Aura – if you care about quality.

1 l tetra
  • juice mixture of concentrated juices and purees, sugar, water, acidity regulator – citric acid, natural flavours.

    Nutrition information per 100 ml at recommended dilution of 1:7:

  • Energy99 kJ / 23 kcal
    Fats0 g
    Saturated fatty acids0 g
    Carbohydrates5,6 g
    Sugar5,6 g
    Proteins0 g
    Fiber0 g
    Salt0 g