Aura water carbonated

Mild-tasting pure Estonian water that comes from the depth of 410 metres is used to make Aura water. The lightly carbonated Aura water is perfect for everyone who likes drinking bubbly water with no flavour. It is true refreshment.

Aura – beloved Estonian water.

0,33 l
0,5 l
1,5 l
  • carbonated water.

  • Na⁺20–36 mg/l
    K⁺9–12 mg/l
    Ca²⁺44‒63 mg/l
    Mg²⁺33–37 mg/l
    Cl⁻12‒18 mg/l
    SO₄²⁻13‒23 mg/l
    HCO₃⁻380–400 mg/l
    F⁻1.2‒1.4 mg/l