Aura apple-rhubarb drink

Juice content at least 12%

Apple and rhubarb – an irresistible duo – perfect for juicy cakes and soothing drinks. Aura apple-rhubarb drink pleasantly combines sweet apple juice with the delicious sour notes of rhubarb. A true classic fresh from the garden!

Contains no preservatives.

Aura – if you care about quality.

1 l tetra
  • water; apple juice from concentrated juice (10.7%); sugar; rhubarb juice from concentrated juice (1.5%); acidity regulators – citric acid, malic acid; dye extracts (from apple, molasses, hibiscus, sweet potato, cherry and radish); flavours; stabilizers – E414, E445.

  • Energy146 kJ / 34 kcal
    Fats0 g
    Saturated fatty acids0 g
    Carbohydrates8,4 g
    Sugar8,3 g
    Proteins0 g
    Fiber0 g
    Salt0 g