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NielsenIQ study: The most successful new product of 2020 was A. Le Coq’s unfiltered beer Alexander

14. April 2021

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International market research firm NielsenIQ selected the most successful newcomer in Estonia in 2020, which was A. Le Coq’s unfiltered light beer Alexander. In second place was Balbiino’s vanilla ice-cream Raks with cocoa cookies, and in third place was A. Le Coq’s dark rye beer Saare Taar. The rankings were based on sales data of newly launched products in the market and consumer opinions.

According to Katrin Vernik, the Marketing Manager of A. Le Coq, the company’s decisions were certainly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The introduction of new products was halted from April onwards, but both winning beers made it to the store shelves shortly after the start of the pandemic. She noted that the third-place winner, the dark rye beer, received attention due to its intense flavor and strong resemblance to homebrewed beer. The first-place winning beer stands out not only for its unfiltered content but also for its innovative upside-down packaging.

“In unfiltered beer, micro-particles that create a stronger flavor settle at the bottom. When drinking this type of beer from a can, the taste experience only comes at the end of the can. If you shake the can, it won’t be possible to open it afterwards. That’s why we decided to turn the packaging of unfiltered beer upside-down, so that our customers can create their own perfect beer experience with a flipping the can,” explained Vernik.

Nielsen selects the most successful new products of the year in two stages: in the first stage, the latest products purchased by consumers are ranked based on monthly sales data. Then, a consumer survey is conducted to assess how consumers perceive these products: whether they have noticed any new products, purchased them at least once, or made repeat purchases. The index, which consists of objective sales data and individual feedback from supermarket customers, determines the most successful products in each category and the three absolute winners of the year.

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