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At A. Le Coq, two brewmasters now oversee the development and brewing of beers

9. October 2023

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A. Le Coq has good news for beer enthusiasts: the company’s team has welcomed another brewmaster, Tanel Taaber. After six months of intensive studies at the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (VLB) brewing school in Germany, the new brewmaster has been putting his fresh knowledge and ideas into practice for a month now.

Brewmaster Tanel has been a hobbyist homebrewer for years, accumulating a wealth of experience and imaginative ideas to enrich A. Le Coq’s beer selection.

“I enjoy combining art, creativity, and science to create harmony and a complete experience,” explains Tanel Taaber when asked where he draws inspiration for exciting new beers. There are numerous ideas and experiments on the table, and the next step is to discuss and begin testing them in production with the entire team. Although there are many thoughts and goals for developing excellent new beers, Tanel is keeping things under wraps for now, not rushing to provide a detailed description of what to expect first from the fresh brewmaster’s creativity.

Being an A. Le Coq brewmaster involves more than just conceiving and developing new beers; the main responsibility is to ensure the stability of the best flavor characteristics of all beers, especially the flagship brands A. Le Coq Premium and Alexander, in every batch. Each batch of beer fermentation is a unique process, so the brewmaster’s work is assessed through the consistent production of beers with the best taste qualities.

Having two brewmasters in the company means that the current brewmaster, Lauri Lipping, will continue as the head brewmaster, but with two brewmasters on board, there are now more opportunities and ideas to diversify A. Le Coq’s beer selection.

Beer is one of the world’s oldest beverages, which has helped people survive during major epidemics for millennia, providing a refreshing and health-safe thirst quencher.

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