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A. Le Coq’s second electric truck ensures cleaner air in Tartu

30. January 2024

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A. Le Coq recently added a second all-electric heavy-duty vehicle to its fleet. The vehicle has been serving customers in Tartu since this week and was part of the Tartu 2024 opening event. It is the very first electric truck in Tartu.

This is the second electric truck in the company’s fleet. A year and a half ago, A. Le Coq acquired the first all-electric heavy-duty truck in the Baltics to serve the Tallinn region. According to Jaanus Vihand, the manager of A. Le Coq, their experience with the electric truck has been positive, and it efficiently handles all necessary deliveries without requiring changes to distribution logistics, even during winter.

The new vehicle will now be utilized for delivering goods in the Tartu region. Its implementation will decrease noise and emissions in urban areas. The incorporation of these trucks is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 20 tonnes per year, which is comparable to the emissions from approximately 33 passenger cars.

Jaanus Vihand emphasizes the importance of sustainability for A. Le Coq, stating that they aim to set an example for positive change. The company is committed to analyzing and making sustainable choices, especially in the transport sector, which contributes to approximately 17% of greenhouse gas emissions in Estonia. Adding electric vehicles to the fleet is seen as a logical step in this direction.

Janno Karu, the Head of Scania Baltics, expresses delight in handing over the first electric vehicle in Tartu and Southern Estonia to A. Le Coq. He mentions that the electric truck runs on renewable electricity, reducing fossil fuel consumption and emissions. Additionally, he notes that half of the Scania electric truck is locally produced in Estonia by Tarfurgo. A. Le Coq’s investment in electric vehicles showcases a step-by-step transition to more environmentally friendly transport.

The entire company only uses renewable green electricity, including for recharging the electric truck. This results in the vehicle’s energy footprint being 99% lower compared to a diesel vehicle. The electric truck can cover up to 250 kilometers on a single charge with a full load of 14 tonnes.

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