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A. Le Coq’s new CEO is Jaanus Vihand

11. August 2022

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As of September 1st, A. Le Coq’s long-standing leader, Tarmo Noop, will pass the baton. The company’s new CEO will be Jaanus Vihand, a highly experienced executive.

According to Noop, Vihand is the best possible new leader for A. Le Coq, entrusted with leading Estonia’s largest and most successful beverage industry. In addition to his extensive top management experience, Vihand also possesses broad knowledge of the food industry sector and retail trade. “He has built the renowned Farmi brand and led the largest retail conglomerate in Estonia, Coop, for almost a decade, establishing it as a leader in reputation, innovation, and market presence, and expanding the company’s operations into the banking sector. In recent years, he has overseen the growth of the globally operating technology company Eurora, transforming it into one of Estonia’s most successful startups,” described Noop.

Lasse Aho, Chairman of A. Le Coq’s Board, stated that the search for a CEO was extensive and thorough. “Undoubtedly, Vihand’s CV is impeccable for taking such a responsible position, but we were primarily looking for someone who would be an exceptional leader – someone who would drive the company forward while also developing and nurturing the people. Jaanus has all these qualities, as evidenced by him being named Estonia’s Best CEO in 2019,” said Aho.

Jaanus Vihand, who will soon start his new position, mentioned that Tarmo Noop has transformed A. Le Coq into an iconic company and is passing on an organization that is in excellent shape, successful, and competitive. “I highly appreciate Tarmo and his accomplishments. There are few companies that can consistently maintain their competitiveness and be among the most reputable businesses for decades. I value and cherish what has been done, and together with the team, I will find opportunities to further develop A. Le Coq and implement new ideas,” said Vihand. He hopes to receive trust and sufficient freedom from the owners and shareholders to lead the company forward. “Challenging times lie ahead as raw material prices rise, packaging becomes scarce, and energy sources are limited.We need to adapt, find solutions and be creative, because in difficult circumstances the cleverest can win the most,” stated Vihand.

Vihand received the proposal to take the helm of A. Le Coq unexpectedly at first, but it made him contemplate. “I wasn’t actively seeking a new challenge, which is why I took the time to carefully consider things. I had several meetings with both the CEO and the board and shareholders of A. Le Coq. Apart from getting to know the company as a whole, I sought to understand the relationships between its employees and the management style. Several positive aspects influenced my decision-making process, ultimately proving to be crucial. I am originally from Tartu County, familiar with the joys and challenges of the food industry, I appreciate the company’s products, and I have a good understanding of the retail market,” added Vihand.

Chairman of the board Lasse Aho emphasized that Tarmo Noop is a visionary man with tremendous work capacity, serving as an inspiration for the entire Olvi Group. “It has been an admirable journey to work alongside him for these 25 years and witness how he transformed Tartu Õlletehas into A. Le Coq, a company with a rich history and traditions, whose products are beloved worldwide. He has also been a strong leader for the employees, constantly driving the company forward even during challenging times. Undoubtedly, it is somewhat sad yet also a forward-looking moment for us, but we have faith in Jaanus Vihand to fill Noop’s big shoes very soon,” added Aho.


Jaanus Vihand graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tartu and has over 20 years of top management experience. In 2019, he was named Estonia’s Best CEO.

Management experience:

  • 2004-2008 Farmi (Rakvere Dairy)
  • 2008-2011 Bauhof Estonia
  • 2012-2019 Coop Estonia
  • 2019-2020 Apollo Group
  • 2020-2022 Eurora
  • 2022-… A. Le Coq
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