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A. Le Coq is the oldest and biggest drinks manufacturer in Estonia. Our product portfolio includes 14 different product groups. The main product group is beers, followed by juices, waters and soft drinks, and the remaining product groups such as ciders, light alcoholic beverages, Active juice drinks, sports and energy drinks, syrups and kvass. The company is dedicated to the preservation and development of good drinking culture in Estonia by valuing old manufacturing traditions as well as taking an innovative approach to updating its product portfolio so it can offer consumers new and healthy flavour combinations.

A. Le Coq holds the leading position on the Estonian drinks market in the categories of beer, juice, and long drinks and ranks a strong second in the production of water, soft drinks and cider.

A. Le Coq has been awarded the title of the most competitive company of the Estonian food industry for 13 years in a row, which is the result of our constant commitment to product quality and product development. The company has already invested 102 million euros in production and product development, which has made it one of the most modern drinks industries in the Baltic States.

A. Le Coq is now one of the most innovative companies in the Estonian food industry, constantly developing its production processes not only to incorporate advanced technology, but also to make them increasingly more environmentally friendly and economical. The installation of a condensing economizer for the gas boiler – a project completed in 2019 – resolved two problems: a) to reduce the consumption of natural gas; b) to reduce the environmental impact of the company’s energy production. The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and the financing was coordinated by the Environmental Investment Centre (Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus, KIK). The total cost of the project was €237,300, with €106,785 from the ERDF.


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