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A. Le Coq promises positive experiences – the goal of the biggest beverage manufacturer in Estonia is to make all stakeholders feel good. We make our consumers feel good by offering them products with the best taste and quality, and we make the society feel good by being a responsible and caring company. We remain profitable by focussing on our clients and are a trustworthy partner to everyone we work with.

The company supports elite and recreational sports, culture and research by contributing to the development of these areas as an efficient taxpayer. A. Le Coq also makes its employees feel good by offering them a motivational working environment and economic stability. To our owners, we guarantee the company’s efficiency, increasing market share and continuing profitability via great performance and motivated employees.

A. Le Coq has achieved its current success due to the positive support of society. This is why we feel morally obliged and socially responsible for helping in areas that are not adequately financed. For us, social responsibility means thinking about ways of making life in Estonia better on a daily basis.

Over the years, we have supported initiatives in the areas of education, research, culture and sports and in the social sphere with money and in other ways. A. Le Coq is the most successful company in the Tartu region, which means that contributing to its development remains important to us.

Social sphere

Maarja Village

Since 2002 A. Le Coq has been sponsoring Maarja Village, a home for adults with learning disabilities. The most important thing in the development of the village is to make sure that the weakest members of the society can experience the joys of carefree living. We must make them feel that someone in this world needs them. Maarja Village is a bridge between people. It is a point of contact between two worlds that until now have been living apart.


We support both elite and recreational sports. A. Le Coq has offered a helping hand to the most popular sport in Estonia – football – and initiated a project to support young elite athletes.


A. Le Coq is a long-standing gold sponsor of the Estonian Football Association, developing Estonia’s main football stadium A. Le Coq Arena and supporting various youth projects via the association.

In 2013 A. Le Coq and the Estonian Football Association signed a five-year cooperation agreement according to which the top local football league was named the Premium League.

A. Le Coq has also helped develop youth football by sponsoring the construction of mini football grounds all over Estonia in cooperation with UEFA. The financial support has helped the association build 40 grounds in Estonian county centres, towns, cities and schools.


Arctic Sport Club

We support recreational sports via the Arctic Sport Club. The goal of these sports centres in Tallinn and Tartu is to give people the chance to enjoy healthy minds and healthy bodies. Arctic Sport Club was named after Arctic Sport, the range of sports drinks produced by A. Le Coq. What they have in common is that they give new energy and refresh the body and mind.



image001The Moonsund Regatta is the oldest sailing race in Estonia and A. Le Coq has been its partner for a decade. The eight-day regatta is a serious trial for each vessel and crew, with fierce competition for top finishing spots at every stage and in the overall rating. The numbers of participants are increasing with every year and the regatta has evolved into an international event. The 59th A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta of 2016 was the largest domestic sailing race so far, with 121 yachts registered in advance and 108 of them, crewed by a total of 627 sailors, eventually crossing the finish line: 94 vessels from Estonia, 2 from Finland, 3 from Latvia, 1 from Lithuania and 8 from Russia.

In 2017 the A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta will be celebrating its 60th anniversary and the grand finish will take place in Riga.

Organising clubs:



In 2016 A. Le Coq extended its cooperation agreement with the crew of the yacht called Premium for another 4 years. The vessel’s appearance was refreshed and in the first race after that, at the World Championship in Copenhagen, the Premium showed the best result among all Estonian sailboats and finished in 5th place.


Aura Centre

aura logoAs the most successful company in Tartu County, we support the biggest water park in southern Estonia –  Aura Water Centre. The centre opened in 2001 and has a swimming pool, water park and a health centre. The values shared by the water centre and the Aura trademark are quality, care and active lifestyles.


A. Le Coq Sports Hall

AlecoqSportLogo_pppThe A. Le Coq Sports Hall was built in Tartu with the support of A. Le Coq in 2006, which significantly broadened the sporting opportunities of young people in the city. The hall has three universal practice halls, two for players of ball games and one for rhythmic gymnastics. The main hall for competitions seats 2000 spectators. A. Le coq Sports Hall also has a practice hall for judo clubs and a training base for cyclists, a gym, saunas and a sports medicine centre.



Song and Dance Celebrations

A. Le Coq has been working with the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration Foundation since 2001. We have been the main sponsor of the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration and the Youth Song and Dance Celebration several times. Song celebrations are among the most important expressions of Estonian national culture, and by supporting song celebrations we also support Estonian culture and the preservation of the tradition of song celebrations.


Viljandi Folk Music Festival

Viljandi Folk Music Festival is held every year on the last weekend of July in Viljandi and it is one of the largest of its kind in the Baltic and Northern countries. The festival is a place where all the best musicians meet and present their contemporary renditions of traditional music.

  • 4 days of traditional music performances on 5 outdoor and 3 indoor stages
  • 200 performers, 100 concerts
  • More than 25 000 visitors
  • Free green stage performances
  • Workshops
  • Film programme
  • Night university
  • Fairytale rooms
  • Handicraft courtyard
  • Exhibition
  • County concert

The visitors of Viljandi Folk Music Festival are cheerful and happy people who are considerate towards themselves and their surroundings and are able to fall in love and to concentrate. This is what the spirit of the festival is all about!

Viljandi Folk Music Festival is celebrating its 25th jubilee this summer. We are marking this impressive occasion with the jolliest party of the last quarter of the century which concentrates on the theme “New and old”.

Education and research

A. Le Coq vocational education grants

In order to encourage people to acquire practical skills, we offer grants to students studying the specialities of mechatronics, locksmithery or IT systems (work with automated machine tools) at Tartu and Võru County Vocational Training Centres whose attitude towards their studies and work has made them great role models for their peers and who could find work in the drinks and beer industry. The value of each grant is 2,600 euros. Grants have already been awarded to the following students:

2007 – Allar Vendla, Egert Lehtla, Aron Ott and Valeri Vetšerkovski

2008 – Ahto Puusepp and Marko Oppar

2009 – Rainer Lodde and Artur Semjonov

2010 ‒ Mihkel Teppan and Mart Roht

2011 ‒ Risto Unti and Martin Venski

2012 ‒ Kaivar Kõomägi and Alo Tammekun

2013 ‒ Siim Sankovski and Rein Saetalu

2014 ‒ Ahto Vainikko and Urmo Kõiv

2015 ‒ Riivo Rivimets and Aleksei Nikandrov

Science Centre AHHAA

We have been supporting the AHHAA Science Centre since 1999. We believe that Estonia is becoming smarter as a result of the activities of AHHAA. It helps many people to discover an interest in science that can lead to major discoveries and inventions. The new building of AHHAA was built in 2011. It is the first building specifically meant for a science centre in the Baltics.



Aura Nature Trail in Tabasalu Nature Park

The Aura Nature Trail established by A. Le Coq and the Estonian Fund for Nature was built in 2008. The trail is located in Tabasalu Nature Park 6 km from Tallinn and is meant primarily for children and adults from Tallinn and Harju County, but people from elsewhere are also welcome. Aura Nature Trail is equipped with signs in foreign languages, which means that you can also invite foreign visitors who are interested in learning more about Estonian nature. The nature trail is ca 6 km long and runs along the coastal cliff. It passes through the beach and ends at a lovely picnic site, where you can sit down with your friends or family and enjoy the goodies in your picnic basket.

Financing the nature trail is a social responsibility project for A. Le Coq through which the company seeks to make a contribution to the Estonian environment and nature.


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