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Estonian shops offer an impressive selection of bottled waters. However, informed consumers should pay attention to the manufacturer’s information about the origins of the water, as not all bottled water is the same.

A. Le Coq extracts Aura water from the Ordovician layer in South-Estonia, which is 410 metres deep. The Ordovician layer emerged 505 million years ago, which is why this layer of water is protected from all external factors and is rich in natural minerals. Aura water contains all original minerals that are characteristic of the Ordovician layer in this region. The highly valued mineral waters of the Värska region come from the same layer.

The earth’s crust in Estonia contains the following seven main aquifers, starting from the top one: the Quaternary; the Upper Devonian; the Devonian; the Silurian; the Ordovician; the Cambrian; and the Precambrian. The aquifers in the different regions of Estonia lie at different depths from the surface of the earth. For example, the depth of the Ordovician layer in northern Estonia is 30-60 metres from the surface, but the same aquifer in southern Estonia is 400 metres underground.

Aquifers that open onto the surface, such as Lake Ülemiste, feed on rainwater and are therefore directly affected by human activity and pollution. Lower aqueous layers feed on the upper layers, where water does not change as quickly as in lakes. Groundwater collects extremely slowly in the aqueous layers that lie 300-400 metres underground and the water reserves in them are practically non-renewable, so the greater the depth, the cleaner the water that comes from them.

The human body contains nearly 90% water, which means that drinking water is just as important as breathing. Water is our primary beauty product and must be pure and high-quality. That’s exactly what Aura water is like.

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