A. Le Coq


Position Name Telephone  E-mail
Chief Brewer Tarmo Laht 744 9803 tarmo.laht[ät]alecoq.ee
Brewer Lauri Lipping 744 9834 lauri.lipping[ät]alecoq.ee
Quality Manager Terje Kalk 744 9815 terje.kalk[ät]alecoq.ee 
Laboratory Manager Karin Tiido 744 9714 karin.tiido[ät]alecoq.ee
Project Manager Toomas Arro 744 9771 toomas.arro[ät]alecoq.ee
Technical Manager Aleksander Kibal 744 9787 aleksander.kibal[ät]alecoq.ee
Production Operations Manager Argo Normak 744 9805 argo.normak[ät]alecoq.ee
Reola Production Facility
Production Manager Toomas Tiirik 739 0411 toomas.tiirik[ät]alecoq.ee


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