Vitamineral Water is a vitamin drink based on mineralised water, which was developed according to the needs of the human body. It’s a great alternative to sugar-rich soft drinks.

The orange and passion fruit-flavoured Vitamineral Balance supplies the body with the vitamins and minerals and helps to keep the body in good balance.

It contains B and C vitamins and magnesium, which promote normal energy exchange. The beverage also contains biotin, zinc and calcium, which promote the normal metabolism and functioning of macronutrients, fatty acids and digestive enzymes. Only fruit sugar have been used in the product.


water; sugar; fructose (1.7%); acidity regulators – citric acid, malic acid; minerals (magnesium citrate, zinc sulfate, calcium lactate gluconate, potassium citrate); vitamins (vitamins C, B6, B12, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, niacin); orange and passion fruit flavours; concentrates (apple, molasses, hibiscus); stabilizers – E414, E445; preservative – sodium benzoate.

100 ML of product contains on average:

Energy 85 kJ / 20 kcal
Fat 0 g
of which saturates 0 g
Carbohydrate 4.8 g
of which sugars 4.8 g
Fibre 0 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g

Vitamins and mineral nutrients in 100 ml of product:

Vitamin C 10.7 mg
Vitamin B6 0.1 mg
Folic acid (B9) 19 μg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.6 mg
Biotin (B7) 3.3 μg
Niacin (B3) 0.6 mg
Vitamin B12 0.1 μg
Potassium 80 mg
Zinc 0.9 mg
Magnesium 33 mg
Calcium 16 mg

Vitamineral – your daily source of vitamins and minerals.