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Like any product group, sports drinks are also the subject of several myths. We will overturn them so you can use sports drinks whenever you need them and however much you need them.

Myth: Having a sports drink together with an energy drink guarantees better performance.

Reality: The so-called fast sugar in energy drinks gives you a momentary boost of energy, but your blood sugar level drops 5-7 minutes later and the energy disappears. Sports drinks, however, contain the slowly dissolving maltodextrin, which guarantees a more even energy level and better performance.

Myth: You must consume as much sports drink as possible as quickly as possible to help your body recover faster.

Reality: The maximum liquid uptake by the body is 750 m per hour. If we drink more, the liquid just remains sloshing away in our stomach and makes us feel uncomfortable.

Myth: Sports and protein drinks are suitable in the case of short-term and irregular recreational sport.

Reality: Food additives (and strong sports drinks) are only necessary during long workouts (more than 45 minutes) and in situations where covering the body’s need for micro- and macro-elements and energy with ordinary food is not possible.

Myth: Sports drinks prevent muscle soreness after a workout.

Reality: sports drinks help to restore the energy resources obtained from carbohydrates, but not muscular capacity. There are many reasons why muscles can be sore after a workout, such as the first workout after a long pause or failure to stretch the muscles.

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