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Juice is a fermentable but non-fermented liquid food product made from several types of unblemished and ripe, fresh or frozen fruits. Juice has the colour, aroma and taste characteristic of the relevant fruit.

Two types of fruit

According to the technology used in processes, juices can be divided into two types:

  • juice obtained from fruits and berries by direct pressing; and
  • juice made from juice concentrate. The same amount of water that was separated during concentration is added to the concentrate and it has the aroma and taste characteristic of restored juice.

The purpose of making juice concentrate is to make it possible to also offer exotic fruit juices in regions where such fruits do not grow. Juice concentrate is made by extracting water from one or several types of juice or purée.

Juice production technology

The ripest fruits are picked from their natural habitat. Within 24 hours, the fruits are cleaned and used to make juice concentrate. The compliance of the juice with quality requirements is checked. The juice is heated, i.e. pasteurised, to guarantee its preservation. It is then cooled and packaged aseptically (in a fully sterile environment) in cartons that are then hermetically sealed. The juice has no contact with light or air after it has been packaged. Similar results are achieved by our grandmothers, who pour juice into pre-heated jars and then close them with metal lids so that there is no longer any air in the jar. After that, they store the jars in a dark place.

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