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Why aren’t all packaged juices pure juices? The reason is that not every fruit or berry can be used to make pure juice. Some fruits are too acidic or have an overly intense flavour when made into pure 100% juice, which means that they must be diluted or combined with other fruits and vegetables.

In addition to pure juice, consumers can also find nectars, juice drinks and soft drinks containing juice on store shelves. These drinks contain less juice than pure juice and are therefore also less healthy. It’s permitted to add water, sugars, sweeteners and citric acid to them.


Juice, nectar, juice drink… What is the difference?


Juice content Additives, incl. sugars Comments:
Juice 100% Does not contain any Vitamin, mineral and micro-element content must be equivalent to pure juice
Nectar At least 25-50% May contain May contain water, sugar, sweeteners, citric acid
Juice drink Not defined, usually 10-15% May contain

May contain synthetic, natural and nature-identical flavourings

Compared to juices and nectars, it is the least nutritious in content


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