A. Le Coq


Position Name Telephone E-mail
Logistics and Purchasing Director Erki Lehiste 744 9711 erki.lehiste@alecoq.ee
Logistics Specialist Anu Peerandi 746 1210 anu.peerandi@alecoq.ee
Logistics Specialist Anneli Buhrot 746 1220 anneli.buhrot@alecoq.ee
Export Logistics Specialist Joel Blumberg 744 9722 joel.blumberg@alecoq.ee
Export Logistics Specialist Monika Millend 746 1224 monika.millend@alecoq.ee
Finished Product Warehouse Manager Priit Männik 746 1202 priit.mannik@alecoq.ee
Packaging Warehouse Manager Kristi Michelson 744 9792 kristi.michelson@alecoq.ee
Complaints Handler Urve Tobreluts 746 1222 urve.tobreluts@alecoq.ee
Senior Accountant Garmen Kallion 746 1211 garmen.kallion@alecoq.ee

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