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Ingredients of Beer

The four main ingredients used in beer production are malt, water, hops and yeast.


  • The main grains used to make beer are barley and wheat, Linnasedbut rye, rice, corn et al. may also be used.
  • The advantage of barley is the hull of the grain(around the kernel) that is low in protein, but rich in starch.
  • Mainly malted grains are used for beer production.
  • Barley is germinated, cleaned and dried in the course of malting.



Yeast determines the type of fermentation:

  • parmLager or cold / bottom-fermenting yeast – works at temperatures from 7-12 °C.
  • Ale or warm / top-fermenting yeast – works at temperatures from 15-25 °C.
  • Wild yeast – works at cold temperatures; used mostly in Belgium.



  • Hops give beer its aroma and bitterish taste. The bitterness of beer is measured in IBUs (IBU = International Bitterness Unit).
  • Are a natural preservative.
  • Is one the sources of a beer head.


  • Beer contains 95% of water.
  • Water is the liquid that binds beer.
  • Water can be soft or hard, and the quality and taste of the beer depend on it.


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