A. Le Coq


A. Le Coq and four other breweries form the Olvi Group, whose A-share is quoted on the Main List of the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd since 1998. In order to better coordinate the export acitivities of those four breweries, an export division known as Olvi Group Export team was established. Currently A. Le Coq exports its beers, ciders and juices to more than 30 countries. Amongst the best-known exported brands are Imperial beer, Fizz and Sherwood ciders, Le Coq cocktails, as well as Aura juices and waters.

If you are interested in importing any products of A. Le Coq or other members of Olvi Group, please visit Olvi Group Export website: www.olvi.fi/export or contact us directly at export[at]olvi.fi.