A. Le Coq

Beer Sommelier

Tarmo Noop ja Õllesommeljee 2014

The Head of A. Le Coq, Tarmo Noop and Beer Sommelier 2014, Urmas Linnamägi.

In 2011 A. Le Coq decided to start fostering more sophisticated beer culture in Estonia and established the Beer Star quality sign. When Kristjan Peäske had an idea of organising a competition for the best beer sommelier, it became an excellent continuation of this project. That’s how we laid the foundation for a new tradition – the Best Estonian Beer Sommelier competition, which was held for the first time in 2013. The objectives of the event are to value knowledge of beer as a drink category and the manner in which it is served, to promote and value beer as a drink with long and exciting traditions, and to recognise the best beer experts.

The Best Estonian Beer Sommelier competition in organised by the Estonian Sommelier Association whose activities are supported by A. Le Coq.

The past winners of the Best Estonian Beer Sommelier title are:

Kristjan Markii in 2013;

Urmas Linnamägi in 2014;

Oskar Pihlik in 2015;

Els-Maria Uibo in 2016;

Helen Aasmann in 2017.

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