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“Beer City Tartu”, Dedicated to the bicentennial Anniversary of A. Le Coq

ollelinn_tartu“Beer City Tartu” is a book that takes a look at the history of the brewery over the centuries and also describes the general historical background. The 376-page book is a hardcover in four colour print and contains a lot of photos. There is an old map of the city on the inside of the dust jacket where the locations of the breweries and maturing cellars that used to be located in Tartu are marked. The book has summaries in English, Finnish and Russian. The photo captions are in Estonian and English. A list of sources, references and illustrations as well as a name register are enclosed.

The book was published to mark the 200th Anniversary of A. Le Coq. There are very few industries in Estonia like A. Le Coq and very few of them have decided to write about their own history and the history of their industry. However, since A. Le Coq’s hometown Tartu is the birthplace of the Estonian beer industry and has a very interesting history, we decided to take on this massive challenge. The person to thank for this is the author of the book Andres Sepp, who had spent years collecting the material. Andres Sepp was born in Tartu in 1963. He has always been interested in history. He was the head of the advertising group of Tartu Brewery from 1993-1994 and later worked in advertising agencies and edited printed material. He has helped prepare exhibitions about the history of beer in Estonia and Finland. Andres Sepp has been the head of the Estonian Beer History Foundation since 1999.

“Beer City Tartu. Dedicated to the bicentennial Anniversary of A. Le Coq” is available in bookstores throughout Estonia. The average price of the book is 21 euros.

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