A. Le Coq

2015 – Developer of Estonian beer culture and the leading beverage producer


A. Le Coq is currently the leading beverage producer in Estonia, holding first or second place in all market segments in which it operates, based on the average data for 2015. The company’s key brands are A. Le Coq, Fizz, Aura and Limonaad.

A. Le Coq continues to broaden its product portfolio and is constantly active in R&D. In 2012, the company launched Organic Beer – the first such beer in Estonia. In spring 2013, the company relaunched its historical beer – A. Le Coq Imperial. A. Le Coq Imperial Ale, Gold and Märzen are the successors of Imperial Extra Double Stout, which in 1912, had been given the title of the official beer of the Russian emperor’s court.

As the oldest brewery in Estonia, A. Le Coq is promoting Estonian beer culture and training both the service sector and consumers under the name Beer Star since 2011 with the goal to improve the quality of serving beer in Estonian pubs and restaurants. The Beer Star quality sign is accredited to pubs and bars that have successfully passed the course and are serving beer excellently.

In autumn 2013, Beer Star and the Estonian Sommelier Association launched a joint initiative – the Best Estonian Beer Sommelier competition. This is a unique competition in the Baltic and Scandinavian region. The first Best Beer Sommelier title was given to Kristjan Markii. In 2014, the winner was Urmas Lillemägi.

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