A. Le Coq

1941– New name – Tartu Õlletehas


In January 1941, the nationalized enterprise was named Tartu Õlletehas (Tartu Brewery). The former Livonia was merged with it in April and became the Kalda Street Department.

Kalda Street brewery (founded in 1863) that had repeatedly changed owners, was modernized into a steam brewery in 1910 and from 1916, it belonged to an Estonian called Ants Silvere (whose name before 1935 had been Hans Silbergleich). Livonia operated outside the trust contract and its sharp competition caused a lot of trouble for the trust. In 1930, management of the company was taken over by A. Silvere’s son Albert, who had studied beer technology in Czechoslovakia and Germany. In 1939, all business enterprises belonging to the company were reorganized into public limited company A. Silvere & Ko. The brewery was seriously damaged during the war in the summer of 1941 and the production buildings were completely destroyed in 1944.

During World War II in 1941-1944, the company operated as the state-owned Bierbrauerei Dorpat. Approximately 80% of its production was consumed by the German army.

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