A. Le Coq

1893 ‒ Tivoli Ltd in Tähtvere


In 1885, Julius Moritz Friedrich bought the rented company from the heirs of Schramm and in 1893 renamed it Tivoli and moved all production to Tähtvere, where the large lager cellars of the company had been built already in between 1879-1880.

The owner transformed Tivoli into a public limited company in 1896, remaining a majority shareholder himself. A magnificent red brick brewery complex was built on Tähtvere Hill in 1894-1896, most of which has been preserved until today. In addition to local towns, Tivoli Ltd. marketed beer also in St. Petersburg and Pskov. In 1896 the company started to produce soft drinks.

By the end of the 19th century Tartu had become a true beer town with six operating breweries.

In 1900, Tivoli Ltd. acquired the oldest beer company in Tartu, which had been founded in 1800 by the great grandfather of Nobel Prize-winning Hermann Hesse, member of Tartu brewing company Barthold Joachim Hesse. In 1829, B. J. Hesse’s widow sold the brewery to a tradesman Alexander Diedrich Musso who in 1831 built new production premises on an immovable property behind the Town Hall, between Jaani Street and Toomemägi. The company that since 1880 had belonged to A. D. Musso’s heirs was bought at the turn of the century by Tivoli. The new name of the company became Tivoli II, or Tivoli Ltd. Jaani Street Brewery. The headquarters of Tivoli Ltd, were also moved to Jaani Street.

In the first decade of the 20th century, the majority shareholder of Tivoli, M. Friedrich wanted to withdraw from active business because of old age. He soon, found a suitable buyer for the company – A. Le Coq – the British company who had been importing imperial stout to Russia.

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