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The best workplace

Every employee has the right to a safe working environment. We care about our employees’ well-being at work, which is based on a smooth, productive workflow, clear objectives and responsibilities and the level of competence required for duties.

It is important to us that A. Le Coq is a positive, fair and safe workplace. We are a substantial employer at the local level. Our goal is to create the kind of workplace that contributes to the achievement of the best results and in which employees feel that they are respected.

A. Le Coq’s success and profitability are built on skilled, enthusiastic and motivated staff. We want to be an attractive workplace to both existing and potential employees so as to ensure the continued growth of our operations. In order to create the best environment for work and development, we promote staff well-being by turning our attention to occupational health and safety and equal treatment. Through the development of managerial and work community skills and management culture, we are able to improve the work-related well-being of our employees. Responsible human resources management guarantees both the short- and long-term development of our staff. The shared human resources policy across the group guides our operating models and makes them uniform.

A safe working environment

Every employee has the right to work in a safe environment. Occupational safety is something for which we are collectively responsible. We do everything we can to identify and eliminate potential dangers and prevent occupational accidents. Our goal is to create a workplace where there are no accidents and where everything operates smoothly. Before taking up their posts, every employee undergoes thorough training in their position. We contribute to occupational safety training and guidelines generally, as well as in regard to specific duties. Every employee of A. Le Coq has an important role to play in guaranteeing a safe working environment. We feel that together we can create a workplace that is not injurious to people’s health.

We also care about the safety of our partners and visitors. We have produced an information sheet highlighting the potential dangers on our premises, which we ask all visitors to familiarise themselves with before entering the factory and to follow when on the premises.

Securing occupational safety and well-being

We carefully consider the duties that every one of our employees performs, as well as the use of machinery and other equipment and the working environment and working conditions, so that they present no danger – either physical or mental – to our staff.

A. Le Coq’s working environment council and working environment representatives play an important role in this. In addition to their regular work within the company, the representatives and the members of the council have also visited other companies in the Estonian food industry to learn from their experience. A. Le Coq’s goal is to prevent any and all occupational accidents and to maintain its staff’s capacity for work for the duration of their employment.

Workers are given the opportunity to eat in the factory’s canteen, which provides healthy and tasty meals. The company’s summer cottage on Lake Võrtsjärv, which is mostly used for training events and meetings, can also be used by staff for holidays.

We care about our employees’ well-being at work. This means that staff are in good shape, both physically and mentally, and feel well. Smooth, efficient work is a precondition for well-being. Development projects based on lean methodology help us streamline our working processes. It is important that every employee is aware of their work-related obligations and objectives and has the skills needed to fulfil them. In order to monitor our employees’ well-being at work we conduct a survey specifically designed to measure well-being every two to three years.

Equal opportunities

We do everything we can to ensure that our working environment offers equal opportunities for all staff. We treat all of our employees equally regardless of their age, gender, tenets, beliefs, nationality and any other characteristics. If we are looking to take someone on for a certain position we advertise the post publicly and within the company so that everyone has an equal chance to apply.

Competence development

We systematically and consistently develop our employees’ competence, being guided in doing so by our business objectives. We encourage staff to acquire a variety of skills and to be proactive in furthering their professional competence. To this end a training plan is drawn up in A. Le Coq for each calendar year that includes in-house and public training events, trade fairs and seminars in Estonia and abroad.

Leadership, managerial and work community skills

In order to guarantee a smoothly functioning working environment and a positive working atmosphere, we develop our leadership, managerial and work community skills on an ongoing basis. We use feedback gathered from our employees to this end, as well as the regular satisfaction surveys we conduct in the company.

The feedback obtained from the survey is very important to A. Le Coq. As part of the survey, employees can give their views on how to improve working life and submit ideas for new projects and other proposals. In turn, feedback is given to staff after each survey regarding overall satisfaction and individually by structural unit, and this is compared to previous surveys and to other companies in the group. Employees are also informed which of the proposed projects will be initiated.

Positive and innovative corporate culture

The way we operate and respond to challenges is characterised by positivity. We are convinced that a positive approach to life shapes our objectives for results and success. A. Le Coq is always open to new ideas. For example, we held an Innovation Year during which every employee had the opportunity to submit their proposals for new products and changes to the organisation of work.

We mark our employees’ birthdays and work milestones, as well as key events and anniversaries in their personal lives. We support staff financially upon the birth of a child and present them with a special care package. We promote events within structural units and summer retreats and Christmas parties for the whole company to which all employees and their families are invited. We place great importance on our employees’ health and contribute to their participation in popular sports events as well as recreational sports and exercise.

To make sure staff are as in-the-know as possible, the A. Ja Leht newsletter is published every two months, covering company news and important information. The My Olvi group-wide newsletter is also published once a year.

In 2012 we established the Olvi Academy, which develops the skills and competence of employees from every Olvi group company, fosters uniform corporate culture and supports joint development projects throughout the group. The key training theme at the academy in 2016 and 2017 was corporate responsibility.

The company cares about its former employees. A. Le Coq runs a club called Humal for past members of staff. Retired workers regularly meet at the factory, take trips and go to the theatre together and celebrate club members’ birthdays. Their ties to the company have not been severed.

We value history. In 2003 we established the Beer Museum, which is situated on A. Le Coq’s premises and open to everyone. It is housed in a malt tower built in 1898 and showcases the long history of beer-brewing. Its permanent exhibition features almost 3000 items, providing a wealth of historical and technological information about the development of beer manufacturing from its Sumerian and Egyptian roots through to the present day. When visiting the museum you can also take a look at the gift shop, which offers almost 200 different souvenirs – including beer glasses, clothes and other items with the A. Le Coq logo. A wide range of A. Le Coq products is also available.

Welcome to the world of A. Le Coq

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