A. Le Coq

Generating value for stakeholders

We are an important company in the local market, which is why we take into consideration all of our
stakeholders as much as possible.

Consumers and clients

We feel responsible for offering consumer-friendly, safe, green and healthy products and being a reliable
partner to our clients by offering good customer service.


A. Le Coq has high levels of employee satisfaction and a safe working environment. We offer our employees competitive wages and guarantee equal opportunities and constant professional development to all.

Partners and suppliers

We always prefer local partners and raw materials where possible, while also acting as a major indirect employer on the local level. We value reliable long-term relationships and offer our partners and suppliers the opportunity to develop with us.

State and society

Our financial and social contribution takes the form of creating direct and indirect job opportunities, supporting the activities of the local community, promoting responsible drinking culture and paying taxes.

On the local level, we are a major direct and indirect employer, preferring local partners and raw materials, where possible.

We value close cooperation with the local community and contribute to increasing its sustainability by supporting culture and sports.

We always adhere to laws and pay the taxes and fees arising therefrom in a correct and timely manner.

Read more about the organisations we support here: https://www.alecoq.ee/en/a-le-coq/a-le-coq-support/


Organisations and associations

We actively participate in the activities of the organisations and professional associations related to our activities. These activities allow us to contribute to the constant and responsible development of our field of activity. We always fulfil our responsibilities towards organisations and associations.


The company’s positive financial development creates value for our stakeholders. As a member of the Olvi Group, we are dedicated to long-term development. We have a strong balance sheet and good profitability. We regularly pay dividends to our parent company, on which we pay corporate income tax as required.

In 2011-2019, A. Le Coq has paid dividends in the total amount of 90 million euros, on which we have paid 23 million euros of corporate income tax to the state.


Welcome to the world of A. Le Coq

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