A. Le Coq

Generating value for stakeholders

We are a substantial company locally, and as much as possible we take all of our stakeholders into consideration in our operations:

Consumers and clients

We feel a responsibility to offer products that are safe and consumer-, health- and environmentally friendly, and to be a reliable partner to our clients, offering good customer service.


Le Coqis a safe working environmentwhich enjoys a high level of work-related well-being. We offer our employeescompetitive salaries and guarantee everyone in the company equal opportunities and the chance for continuous professional development.

Partners and suppliers

Wherever possible we choose local partners and locally sourced raw materials, and we are a substantial indirect employer at the local level. We offer our partners and suppliers the opportunity to develop alongside us, and we value long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

Society and the state

The financial and social contribution we make is reflected in the direct and indirect employment opportunities we create, the support we give to local community activities, our promotion of responsible drinking and our payment of taxes. We are a substantial direct and indirect employer at the local level, choosing local partners and locally sourced raw materials wherever possible. It is important for us to work in close cooperation with the local community and to contribute to its vitality by supporting culture and sport. As a beverage producer we also feel a responsibility towards consumers and constantly promote responsible drinking. We follow the letter of the law at all times and pay the taxes and fees imposed on us by legislation when due and as required.

Organisations and associations

We are active members of professional and other organisations linked to our area of operations. In this way, we contribute to the continual and responsible development of our field. For our own part, we always fulfil the obligations we take on as members of organisations and associations.


The company’s positive financial development generates value for our stakeholders. As an Olvi group company we are committed to long-term development with a strong balance sheet and good profitability. We are a stable payer of dividends to our parent company, from which we always pay corporate income tax as required. From 2011-2019, A. Le Coq paid dividends in the total amount of 90 million euros, from which we paid 23 million euros to the state as corporate income tax.

Welcome to the world of A. Le Coq

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