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Responsible product development and consumer communication

Ensuring product safety is essential in the drink industry. All of our products are prepared in accordance with strict requirements – as set forth in the applicable laws, rules and quality standards (quality management systems standard ISO 9001:2015, food safety management system HACCP). The taste and production method of products is just as important in ensuring their long-term success. Product development that takes into consideration consumers’ preferences and expectations is certainly one of the keys to our centuries-old company’s success.

We consider the way our products are consumed just as important as product development. We promote reasonable and responsible consumption and also draw consumers’ attention to this. We cooperate closely with several national and international drink producers and associations on a daily basis in order to promote moderate alcohol consumption.


Responsible consumption

As an alcohol producer, we take responsibility before society and support and favour those initiatives that promote zero tolerance towards alcohol. Since 2016, we have been a long-term partner of the St. John’s Day Sober Group Leader campaign initiated by Kuku Radio. It is important to us to support this initiative and send a clear message that alcohol consumption and driving do not belong together. We also emphasise both on products and in our marketing activities that alcoholic drinks should not be consumed by pregnant women or minors and while driving.


Responsible product development

We make an effort to ensure that our product development is responsible every day. To this end:

  • we are constantly increasing the share of alcohol-free products in the whole product range;
  • we are constantly increasing the share of alcohol-free products in the alcohol categories;
  • we are constantly paying attention to reducing the amount of added sugar in our products. The aim is to reduce the share of added sugar in our product range by 15% between 2015-2025;
  • we have undertaken to constantly develop products with healthy additional value and different functions (vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.);
  • the development of each new product is based on the principle of making it healthier: less alcohol, smaller quantities and less additives;
  • we do not use azo dyes in our products;
  • we have joined beer producers’ self-regulation, according to which we do not produce beer or long drinks that exceed 7 vol% or cider that exceeds 4.5 vol%;
  • we pay special attention to packaging safety; and since 2020, in order to apply stricter hygiene requirements to our packages, we have covered all single canned products with a protective foil cover and disinfected them using UV-light to protect them from various environmental impacts (viruses and bacteria).


Responsible consumer communication

We ensure that the marketing of our products is responsible. We follow several national and international responsible food and soft drink marketing principles. We ensure that our advertising is not in conflict with the ICC responsible marketing code or the self-regulation code of the Confederation of Food and Drink Industries of the EU and the Estonian Breweries Association. In addition to the prescribed guidelines and regulations, we apply self-regulation in our marketing activities, which may at times be even stricter than official restrictions. This way, we meet the expectations set for the drink industry and promote responsible marketing in our sector. Our goal is to include warnings on all alcohol packaging by 2021.


Culture and heritage preservation

As Estonia’s oldest drink producer, we value the local drinking culture and history. In 2003, we opened a Beer Museum, which is located on A. Le Coq’s territory and is open to everyone. The Beer Museum is located in a historical malt tower built in 1898 and introduces the long history of the beer industry. The museum’s permanent exhibition includes thousands of exhibits, which offer rich historical and technological information about the development of beer production from ancient Sumer and Egypt to the present day. While visiting the A. Le Coq brewery and Beer Museum you can also visit the gift shop, where you will find almost 200 souvenirs, including beer glasses, clothing and everyday items brandishing the A. Le Coq logo. A wide selection of A. Le Coq products is also available in shops.

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