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Consumer communication

We are committed to promoting moderate and responsible drinking.

Ensuring product safety in the beverage industry is elementary. All of our products are manufactured according to strict requirements in accordance with valid legislation, regulations and quality standards. In guaranteeing the long-term success of our products, their taste and the way they are produced are equally important. Product development which takes the preferences and expectations of consumers into account has always been one of the keys to our success as a centuries-old company.

We consider the way in which our products are consumed to be just as important as the way in which they are developed. We promote moderate and responsible consumption – something to which we draw the attention of consumers. We also work closely with national and international beverage industry players and associations to promote the moderate use of alcohol.

Responsible consumption

We guide consumers to enjoy our products responsibly and in moderation and promote the development of responsible drinking culture in Estonia. We are constantly improving and diversifying our non-alcoholic range and reducing the amount of sugar we use in our beverages. In the case of alcoholic products, we always remind consumers about moderate and responsible use.

Responsible marketing

We are committed to the responsible advertising and marketing of our products. We are guided by many nationally and internationally observed principles of responsible marketing for food and drink products, making sure we do not contravene the guidelines issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on responsible commercial communication or those of the European Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries (CIAA) and Estonian Beer Association. In addition to such guidelines, we observe self-control in marketing that in some respects is stricter than official regulations. In this way we meet the expectations of our operating environment and stand on the front line in developing corporate responsibility practices in our industry.

Consumer communication

The provision of sufficient, clear and transparent product information is at the core of responsible consumer information. The nutritional data on product labels and our websites help consumers make purchasing decisions. Package markings also allow every product to be traced from raw materials all the way through to the retail outlet.

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