A. Le Coq

An ethical way of operating

We consider ethical business important in all of the areas in which we operate. In order to ensure it, we have compiled ethical guidelines and operating models. These define the basic principles of internal and external ethical business operations. A responsible and ethical way of operating is also essential in ensuring confidence in business between A. Le Coq and its stakeholders.

In order to raise awareness and prevent mistakes, key workers in A. Le Coq (purchase and sales staff) have undergone training on competition law. In-company we have established regulations and principles regarding the behaviour we expect of our employees.

Ethical operations policy

An ethical and sustainable way of operating forms an inseparable part of our values and business in all market areas. We want to maintain our reputation as an honest and trustworthy business in all Olvi group companies. We have documented our ethical way of operating in our Code of Conduct, which describes the foundations of our responsible operations:

  • compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • guaranteeing human rights and equal opportunities;
  • occupational health and safety and a cleaner environment;
  • zero tolerance of bribery and corruption;
  • promoting healthy and effective competition and complying with competition law;
  • protecting the tangible and intangible assets of our companies;
  • honest and respectful communication with stakeholders;
  • timely and reliable information for the public; and
  • an operating model to identify and report unethical operations.

The Code of Conduct also serves as the basis for our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Partners, through which we seek to ensure that our partners are committed to the same principles of corporate responsibility to which we ourselves are committed.


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