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A. Le Coq – more than a workplace

Estonia’s oldest and largest drink producer A. Le Coq was established more than 200 years ago. The traditional brewery has now become one of the most modern drink producers in Europe. We have always stood for the preservation and development of Estonian drinking culture and honoured old brewing traditions. At the same time, we have constantly improved our varied product range. Our wish to improve every day and be the best has guided us through several economic recessions and difficult times. A. Le Coq has been selected the most competitive company in the Estonian food industry for 13 consecutive years. We have been selected among the most attractive employers for several years and were awarded the title of most reputable company in Estonia in 2019.

Our people – the personal contribution of A. Le Coq’s employees – have played a very significant and special role in our acknowledgement and success. Our aim is to offer employees an environment which inspires them to achieve the best possible results and in which everyone feels welcome and cared for.


More than a workplace

A. Le Coq is more than just a place to clock in and out. We have always worked towards creating a safe and comfortable working environment that takes employees’ needs into consideration and offers contemporary solutions. Comfortable ergonomic standing desks contribute to health, and personal protective equipment and working clothes are an important and necessary part of the industrial environment. Safety plays a special role in maintaining A. Le Coq’s employees – the aim is to completely eliminate the risk of occupational accidents. The Working Environment Council and the working environment support person are there for employees on a daily basis. Their job is to notice hazards and possibilities for improvement in regard to safety and ensure that the working environment is safe every step of the way.

Work should be done with commitment and enthusiasm, but you also need to take breaks to rest and restore your energy. Comfortable lounges, contemporary facilities and health rooms give employees the opportunity to take breaks. To provide employees with the necessary energy, our factory’s canteen offers delicious and healthy food at affordable prices.

Communication plays an important role in a rapidly changing world. A. Le Coq’s internal information is provided via A. Ja Leht. The content-rich publication gathers news important to our people, inviting them to pleasant gatherings, acknowledging worthy employees and introducing the factory’s future plans. We are genuinely pleased that A. Le Coq is truly more than a daily job. We always find time to talk to people and ask how they are doing.

Decent remuneration

We review the wage market analysis once a year and increase employees’ pay in accordance with the market statistics on the position. Our aim is to increase wages every year and we have consistently done so. Additionally, we acknowledge employees and good performance with bonuses and pay additional compensation for night work in the amount of 50% of the salary.

Companies develop alongside their employees

Le Coq’s good reputation is created by our employees – we are only as good as our people. Employees’ personal development and training is the key to our success and constant advancement. Each year, a new training calendar is prepared and all employees are welcome to show initiative and make proposals. In addition to improving personal skills, employees have the opportunity to participate in A. Le Coq development teams. Our teams are comprised of up to 15 people. We believe that team synergy, dedication and flexibility allow us to achieve faster and better results. Teamwork gives our people a good opportunity to have their say in the development of the company and set new goals together.

We also have the unique Olvi Academy, which brings together international ideas and development trends, helps develop the organisation as a whole and increases the competence of the top and middle managers and key personnel of Olvi Group. In addition to offering knowledge, one important aspect of the Olvi Academy is the opportunity to meet specialists from other companies, which helps create good relationships between factory management teams and top specialists and increases the sense of togetherness. The first Olvi Academy training event in Estonia was organised in 2012 with a focus on innovation. The academy continues its work every year with new inspiring thoughts. Companies take turns organising the event, which has taken place in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to date.

Environmentally friendly worldview

We at A. Le Coq believe that the environment and the economy are two sides of the same coin. We cannot take care of ourselves without taking care of the environment, which is why we consider the development of a green way of thinking important every step of the way. We work continuously to ensure that future generations have a better place to live. Regular investments in sustainable technology and packaging allow for environmentally friendly production: to increase resource-efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. We only use green energy in our factories and are constantly finding ways to implement circular economy in our activities, in both production and packaging. We believe that by working at A. Le Coq, each of our employees constantly makes a small contribution to a better tomorrow.

  • We use 100% green energy.
  • We will replace the plastic in multipacks with card in order to reduce the resultant risks to nature.
  • We transform our wastewater into bioenergy, thus considerably reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We use the flue gas from our boiler house as production energy.
  • We use production waste as animal feed and for producing biogas.
  • We will establish a solar power station on the roof of our logistics centre, partially covering the centre’s energy needs.

Equal treatment and consideration of employees

A. Le Coq’s daily working environment is built on awareness, consideration and equality.

We value equality in terms of gender, race, religion and age alike. We follow the same principle in paying remuneration, which is why there is no gender wage gap in our company and wage calculation is based on position.

People’s skills change over time and offering employees opportunities to develop in new directions poses a positive challenge to the employer. We carry out a satisfaction survey every two years and use the feedback received in our work organisation. This shows us the bigger picture and the clear needs that will help the company move forwards.

Employees are also important outside working hours

A. Le Coq employees are a family, where it is considered important to support life-changing events and important fields. We offer partial compensation for dental care, massage and glasses as well as the occupational health doctor service, which help maintain our people’s health.

Employees do not have to worry about compensation for the first three days of illness: we cover them 100%.

Throughout the years, A. Le Coq has supported an active lifestyle. We cover 50% of employee’s training expenses via SportID and support their participation in public sporting events.

Our company is active and busy in nature. We value former long-term employees: we offer them an opportunity to travel and enjoy culture together and we keep the employee-established Club Humal running. We remember family occasions: we support new parents financially with a baby package, celebrate anniversaries and offer comfort on sad occasions.

An employee who has been with us for more than five years is offered an additional holiday of up to five working days as a bonus. To the joy of all our employees, the company has a summer house near Lake Võrtsjärv, which employees can use should they wish. Joint events create memorable experiences and additional value is offered by A. Le Coq’s tasting packs, Christmas and St. John’s Day drinks and gift shop discounts.

Welcome to the world of A. Le Coq

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