Dark lager

ABV: 5.1%

König Ludwig Dunkel is a classic Bavarian dark lager brewed with carefully selected aromatic hops and premium barley malt from southern Germany and caramelised in traditional copper brewing kettles.

The beer is reddish-brown and it has a creamy white head of foam. The aromas are intense with hints of roasted malt, coffee, liquorice and cinnamon. The taste is juicy and moderately dry. The taste buds are teased by nuances of bread, coffee and nuts, which are joined by the lightly exotic spiciness of cinnamon and a hint of caramel.

Today König Ludwig Dunkel is the most popular dark beer in Germany and is also highly appraised elsewhere. König Ludwig Dunkel received the silver medal in the Asia Beer Awards 2010 in the dark beer/dark wheat beer category.

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Try with this:

  • Grilled fish, chicken and sausages

  • Slow-cooked hearty casseroles