Bock-type copper-coloured beer

ABV: 7%

The unbeatable Gladiaator brought joy to Estonian beer lovers during the first period of Estonian independence, since 1920, and it has witnessed the best and worst times of the Republic. The appearance of the beer is clear and chestnut brown, and its head is creamy white. The first aroma that hits the nose is maltose and the caramel hue of the malt, bread crust, with some character added by the intensity of hops. The beer is strong-tasting and full-bodied with hints of toast, the fullness of malt and a pleasant bittersweet aftertaste.

Bitterness 17 IBU • Colour 36 EBC • Wort density 14.8%P



Try with this:

  • Fuller and heavier dishes – fatty meat dishes, roasts, heavy sauces

  • Slow-cooked hearty casseroles

  • Stronger cheeses, such as Cheddar, lighter blue cheese

  • Goulash